Let’s make a hypothesis. If your wardrobe can only have one top, which one will you choose? This may be a difficult question to answer. After all, there are too many fashionable clothes.

how to wear a hoodie

If you must have a choice, then choose the hoodie! Do you know how stylish the hoodies are? In the wardrobe of star bloggers and fashion supermodels, the hoodies must be at the forefront of the most popular clothes. There are 3 ways that you can style your hoodie outfits.

Cropped Hoodie With Trousers

Cropped Hoodie With Trousers

Everyone knows that the cropped hoodie and long pant can make the figure look tall and long, create a good body proportion in the visual. The combination of cropped hoodie and trousers is such an effect. The loose silhouette of the short sweater can show the slim waistline, and the extra long pants can show the slender legs.

Hoodies With Skirts Or Shorts

Hoodies With shorts

The short and skirt can show the slender legs, and the loose sweater on the upper body can bring out the slimness of the lower body. If the hoodie is long enough, it can also be worn as a dress, with a pair of Martin boots or boots that will make the legs look slimmer.

Hoodies With The Long Skirt

pink hoodie with lace skirt

This pink hoodie with a lace skirt is filled with the sweetness and cuteness of a young girl. Super good body proportion and thin but not weak, a simple sweater with a gentle lady’s lace skirt is a good choice.

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