You must envy those girls with long legs? We know how your feeling Petite girls have a shortage of height While standing among friends, the legs look thick and short! But don’t be discouraged, although you are not as tall as your friends, you can improve it by wearing! Here are 4 items to make you look taller.

Short Skirt

Look Taller - Short Skirt

The short skirt is definitely a good friend of petite girl! The long-legged girl is good to wear, so do the the petite girl, to show the most of your legs, therefore, you can choose a high-waist A-line when you buy a short skirt~ Many girls love to wear a high-waist skirt because they can visually increase the waistline, making the overall body shape longer and look taller. The simple high waist A skirt should be the must-have for every lady’s wardrobe.


Look Taller - Dress

Not all dresses will be taller! Therefore, when a petite girl chooses a dress, she must buy a high waistline. Nowadays, many dresses will be deliberately designed with high waistline, so the upper body looks short, but the legs will naturally have an elongated effect! When the legs are stretched, the whole figure will look flattering.


Look Taller - Jeans

Petite girls are most afraid of jeans! Because as long as you choose the wrong version and length, you will look short and fat! But in fact, high waist pants are the savior of short-legged girls! High-waist pants make the vision up to the waist. Remember to put the clothes into the trousers and expose the ankles to make the legs long and thin!

Mid-Length Skirt

Look Taller - Mid-Length Skirt

In fact, the long skirt is very friendly to petite girls, Especially the mid-length skirt, it also has a very good effect to flatter legs. The mid-length skirt can create a vision of a fake high waistline, So the legs look long and straight! Girls can also wear thick heels so that they can have a better effect.

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