As people are becoming more and more open, Women dressing is getting much bolder, lingerie has developed to sexier. While the appearance of thongs also tells women how to dress up sexily. Next, I will give an introduction to the harm that females wearing thongs too frequent. Let’s have a look.

Hip Drooping

Wearing thongs - Hip Drooping Beautifully hips match with sexy thongs undoubtedly will make your hips more beautiful. But as thongs leave no supporting strength on hip, so you might as better not to wear thongs if you worry that your hip drooping.

Get Infected Easily

Doctors say that the skin that the thong touches is very delicate. If the skin rubs with the hem of pants in a long period, a partial skin will congestion, become inflamed, break, ulcerate and get inflamed easily, and people who wear thongs will have a sense of itch, pain, and discomfort.

Get Infected Easily

In order to make thongs close to the skin, many thongs are made of chemical fiber materials which are of bad breathability. Thus it will lead skin allergy, vaginitis, vulvitis, and the like. Besides, they may recur easily.

Cause Abdominal Gets Cool

Nowadays people like to expose thongs outside, especially in summer. The slim waist decorated with a thong is undoubtedly the hottest streetscape.

Cause Abdominal Gets Cool

But women’s abdomen can’t bear cold. You like to show your figure, but have you ever thought and realized that dysmenorrhea, menoxenia, and other gynecological diseases will come one after another if things go on like this?

Susceptible To Gynecological Inflammation

Wearing thongs too long have bad effects on women’s health. Professors point out that two important factors to keep women’s private parts healthy are cleanness and dryness. But many thongs are made of chemical fiber materials, while few are made of pure cotton materials. Therefore, if you wear these chemical fiber materials thongs for a long time, your private parts will be infected with aseptic inflammation due to poor breathability.

Susceptible To Gynecological Inflammation

In addition, women’s private parts mostly consist of slender and soft mucosa which will break and bleed easily if rubbed with hard objects. But there are always one or two narrow strings on the back of thongs. It rubs while walking, which will cause congestion, inflammation, breakage, ulceration of the partial skin and then induce vaginitis and other gynecological diseases.

Notes For Wearing Thongs

Pay Attention To Personal Hygiene – Females must pay attention to personal hygiene when wearing thongs, or it may cause vagina inflammation, red and swollen and even more urethritis. The possibility of hemorrhoids incidence rate is increased. Except for metritis and urethritis, too narrow sexy thongs will press the blood vessel of the anus and increase the possibilities of hemorrhoids recurrence for people who have already contracted hemorrhoids.

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