Look slimmer” is just a camouflage, you should have a good mentality. If you weigh 65kg, you can look only 55kg with your outfits. However, it’s almost impossible to look like you’re only 55kg but if you’re 75kg.

look thin in clothes

There’s also a point of few I disagree that someone always said that fat people don’t look good in anything, which has led many girls to abandon themselves when they are fat and feel that they are unfit to dress up and wear beautiful clothes.

I have been fat and slim in these years, but I always have them both: lose weight and dress up. When losing weight, you can also pursue beauty. I love to try on a dress and because of this, I have many tips on how to slender when clothed. I can write down my practical experience for the last few years and share to you all.

In a word, on this road, mentality and self-acceptance are the keys. Accept yourself in each form and find the best of yourself.

Then we’ll talk about how fat people could look curve in wearing, actually it is easy if you follow a few key points.

Key point: Big neckline

Whether you have a big face, a thick neck, or board shoulders, thick arms, and a big chest in a big body, as long as your clothes have a big neckline, you can look slim. In the right circumstances, the bigger the neckline is, the better it is.

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The big neckline can weaken the bulk of the upper body.For the big neckline,you may look at least 2.5kg lighter.

Second point: fitted waist

If you are really fat, would you like to be a fat looks round, or fat with the proportion of body?

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Therefore, if you want to look slimmer, you should wear a thin belt in the thinnest part of your waist. It will be a dividing line for your body, your figure will look better, you will look taller and your leg will look slender.

Some fat girls may say that I have a flap of the waist and bulging belly, I have no the finest place of my waist, what should I do?

You also need to wear a belt where it should be. The belt, for the fat, is not to “the waist”, but to clearly position the dividing line of the upper and lower body, with which, it can make the figure “short in upper and long in the lower part”, which has a good effect on slenderness.

In fact, some woman’s clothing brand of plus size in Europe and America, they have a lot of design of big neckline and fitted waist. These two are the key to slenderness, weaken the bulk of the body and stress the proportion of the figure. Of course, if it’s a skirt, usually a middle skirt and it’s around the knee, which covers the flesh of the thighs in most degree. If with suitable shoes, that will be more slender and elegant.

3rd point: Choose the right high heels

Wearing high heel makes you taller and slender. And it is exquisite to choose the high heels. Here is the advice:

Stiletto heels in Narrow length of shoes and Pointy or Narrow in the toe cap

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The heels don’t have to be very high, about 5cm. Even the shallow-heeled shoes, which are only 5cm long and narrow in shape, with a narrow or slightly pointed toe, are quite stunning for their slender legs and slim body.

High heels that match the color of the skin

Mary Jane shoes and Lace-up shoes are popular in these years. If you are special fat, when choosing this kind of shoes, advising to choose the earth tone which closes to the skin, such as yellow, apricot, naked color, the color of camel’s hair, khaki, light brown, and so on. Because the color of the shoes is similar to the skin color of the legs, the legs can also be slender in visual.

High heels with Simple design in Vamp and Slim lace

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Those shoes make your legs thinner that those shoes with broad upper and thick straps.

4th point:Wearing vertical or diagonal color block clothes

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In fact,this principle is the same as that dividing a complete cake into several parts,it will be smaller than before in visual.

If we compare the fat girls to a wider rectangle cake, what we want to do is to make this cake “narrower”, so it should be cut vertically or diagonally. If you have to cut the cake horizontally, it will be shorter rather than “narrower”.About this, there was an example: the problem the girl has was that she cut herself into many slices in the “horizontal”, which makes her figure shorter. This is what fat girls should pay much more attention.

So, the summer of those fat girls, the vertical cutting and oblique color block may be a good choice.

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