how to wear a t-shirt

It may be essential for us to keep a T-Shirt in the closet, isn’t it? Such a versatile fashion item in the summertime. but it is not so simple to dress stylishly with it. So, Let’s learn how to match your t-shirts to make you more fashionable.

▼ T-Shirts With Mini Skirt


Every Youth girl must own a T-shirt with mini skirts to create a unique vision, A colorful T-shirt with a bright half-length skirt is a good choice to convey an image of modern and slim.

▼ T-Shirts With Midi Skirt


After an introduction to the mini skirt, let’s take a look at the midi skirt. It is also very classic to use the basic T-shirt with this kind of item. The dress is superior to cover the weakness of your body and make you look even slimmer.

▼ T-Shirt With Dress

T-Shirt With Dress

It’s common to wear a T-shirt as the base, matched with the tube top or sling dress outside is much cuter!

▼ T-Shirts With Jeans

T-Shirts With Jeans

None of us can resist the temptation from the T-shirts and jeans. But it is not suitable for short-legged girls. To increase the proportion of the body, choosing a high-waist design or use a belt to pull out the waistline is much important.

▼ T-Shirts With Wide-Leg Pants

T-Shirt With Wide Leg Pants

Not only jeans, but wide-leg pants are also popular in the contemporary fashion trend. short-legged girls can also be well controlled, put the clothes into the pants is a good way to showing perfect shape!

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