2019 has already begun, you still don’t know the trend of 2019? If you don’t know, let’s take a look at the 5 fashion trend elements of 2019 analysis below.

Floral Element

Fashion Trend Floral Element

Basically, the floral element is the main theme of every spring and summer. So do 2019. However, from the early how, in this year, the flower pattern is more inclined to be bright and large-area printing, the design also adds a wide shoulder style for choices! In the past, the red and purple prints were not good-looking, but in fact, they were the “scene-stealer” in street shooting They were both versatile and bright, and the yellow skin people do not have to worry about it. The combination of long skirts and high heels is a symbol of elegant femininity.

Lace Element

Fashion Trend Lace Element

As a retro-styled top dog, the lace element cannot be absent naturally in 2019. Exquisite cutouts, with lace up, pleats and other elements, they can take you to romantic France in minutes. The retro style also has other trends, polka-dot skirt, Mary Jane shoes can be worn with lace. In addition, it can also be matched with sexy, short-sleeved dresses to create an exclusive looking.

Tulle Element

Fashion Trend Tulle Element

Last year, the element of The starry sky has brought the awareness of tulle, and this year the romantic tulle was upgraded again. I not only the beautiful embroidery, but there is also a sense of style on the cutting. Many people think that the tulle will make people look bloated, but in fact, the veil is a good way to Cultivate morality type, and the thick arm can be thinner with the style of the yarn on the shoulder. Girls with thick legs can use the long skirt and high heels to be more aura!

Lace-Up Element

Fashion Trend Lace-Up Element

Although the lace-up element was popular last year, the sense of style will be emphasized in 2019.

Slogan Element

Fashion Trend Slogan Element

The most basic Slogan element will not have an outdated day, because the simple phrase, can attract others’ attention powerfully! Knitwear can also incorporate Slogan elements, not only for a good-looking look but also can reflect your attitude.

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