The white T-shirt is the most classical item in summer,it is very joker and practical.But it takes a bit of skill to make the white T-shirt with a sense of high-class.In fact, fashion is often hidden in some details, especially for the basic items such as white T-shirts.Now we are going to learn is the mix and match skills of white T-shirts, lets you easily deal with various situations outfit.

White T-shirt + White dress 

This is the summer classic All-white outfit, with some design feeling skirt collocation such as packet hip skirt and slit skirts or tie the T-shirt. These will make your shirt have a sense of high-class.

White T-shirt + Suit

This mix is particularly innovative. The oversize suit has a more stylish attitude, wear a white T-shirt inside makes the overall mix have senior feeling.

White T-shirt + Wide-leg pant 

A white T-shirt with a wide leg pants, this is Beckhams signs match,with a pair of pointed high heels, a simple match has a powerful fashion field.

Shop The Following White T-shirts Now

White T-shirt + Denim 

Choose a cotton and linen T-shirt, with a shallow washed denim single product.This retro style will make people feel very comfortable.

White T-shirt + Pleated skirt 

If you want to have the classic look. Choose neutral color and uniquely tailored pleated skirt but not pink or bright color.

White T-shirt + Denim shorts 

This should be the most minimalist style in Summer. Choose washed-in vintage or fringe shorts, so with a white T-shirt more elegant chic. Fashion Tips: Put a corner of the t-shirt into your trousers or roll up cuffs.


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