When we bought a new knit sweater, it will irritate the skin, follow the 9 easy ways below then you can easily fix the itchy sweater.

Why Does The Cardigan Will Irritate The Skin?

Itchy Sweater

There are two reasons why a cardigan is irritating to the skin. First, because the animal hair itself is relatively hard, especially when your cardigan manufacturing materials are all of the short hair, the feeling of irritating the skin is more obvious. Second, because animal hair such as cashmere wool is easily deformed under hot and humid conditions, causing relative movement with the skin to be intense, thereby feeling itching and irritating the skin. How to Fix an Itchy Sweater? Follow The 9 Easy Ways Below

Method 1 – Neutral Detergent Cleaning

Method 1 - Neutral Detergent Cleaning

Control the water temperature of the cleaning cardigan to about 35 degrees Celsius, wash it with a high-grade neutral detergent, and the ratio of water to detergent should be 3:1. Don’t screw your sweater hard, wash it off with water.

Method 2 – Softener Softening

Method 2 - Softener Softening

The newly purchased cardigan is soaked and cleaned with a special softening agent, and the sweater becomes soft and less irritating to the skin. Or use a soft brush to gently brush the sweater to remove some particularly coarse wool.

Method 3 – Soak With Ammonia

Method 3 - Soak With Ammonia

When washing the cardigan, add the appropriate amount of dry cleaning agent and ammonia water in warm water. Add a few drops of vinegar during rinsing to help increase the softness of the woolen fabric and make the woolen sweater more comfortable to wear.

Method 4 – Trimming Sweater

Method 4 - Trimming Sweater

Using lint remover to repair the sweater,it is a special tool that can cut off the small balls and long hair on the sweater. The phenomenon of irritating the skin after the rough hair is cut off will be greatly alleviated.

Method 5 – Apply A Cream To Reduce Friction

Method 5 - Apply A Cream To Reduce Friction

Sewing a layer of cloth lining inside the sweater cardigan, apply a little cream on your neck to moisturize the skin to reduce friction with the sweater.

Method 6 – Wearing A Bottoming Shirt

Method 6 - Wearing A Bottoming Shirt

Cardigans made from mohair and Selangor are more irritating to the skin. The easiest way is preventing skin irritation by adding a comfortable cotton inner or silk scarf around your neck.

Method 7 – Sun Drying In The Sun

Method 7 - Sun Drying In The Sun

Sweaters and sweaters in the cupboard for a long time will breed bacteria and mites. These will cause itching of the skin. Therefore, it is best to use the sun in the sun before wearing. It can play a role in sterilization.

Method 8 – Do Not Wear The Synthetic Sweater

Method 8 - Do Not Wear The Synthetic Sweater

Many sweaters on the market are made of chemical fiber fabrics, so the wool content is relatively low. Wearing this sweater will feel very irritating to the skin. Therefore, when purchasing a sweater, try to buy a sweater with relatively high wool content such as full wool or rabbit hair, so as to avoid the problem of sweaters irritating the skin.

Method 9 – Freezing With A Refrigerator

Method 9 - Freezing With A Refrigerator

Fold the dried sweater cardigan and put into a zipper bag, put the bag in the refrigerator freezer, take out the sweater after one night, and then wear it after the ice has subsided. At this time, the sweater will no longer irritate the skin.

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