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In recent years, the short skirts seem to be less hot, but the mid-length skirts become popular among the T-stage, street shooting, or magazines. From lively skirts to elegant mid-length skirts, the retro fashion is getting extensive attention. Some people may complain that the mid-length skirts are unfriendly with the...
The white T-shirt is the most classical item in summer,it is very joker and practical.But it takes a bit of skill to make the white T-shirt with a sense of high-class.In fact, fashion is often hidden in some details, especially for the basic items such as white T-shirts.Now we are going...
look slimmer in clothes
"Look slimmer" is just a camouflage, you should have a good mentality. If you weigh 65kg, you can look only 55kg with your outfits. However, it’s almost impossible to look like you’re only 55kg but if you're 75kg. There's also a point of few I disagree that someone always said...

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