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Body Proportions Are Not Good And Not Tall
Height is not all, body proportion is the most important. Even if you are tall but your body is in bad proportion, you won’t seem tall. If your body proportion is 5:5 or 6:4. That means the upper part of the body is quite long, while the lower part...
Medium Breasts sports bra
Every girl who loves sports has a sports bra. What should you pay attention to when choosing for the sports bras? Material or style? In fact, the choice should be chosen according to the size of your breasts. Smaller Breasts If you have smaller breast, then you can choose any type...
Sticky Hair Cloth
What should we do if hairs stick to woolen overcoats? It’s common that woolen overcoats are stained with hairs. So are there any small tips to remove hairs easily? Let's take a look. Remove Hairs - Sticky Hair Cloth The sticky hair cloth just like a roller which is covered with sticky...
Method 6 - Wearing A Bottoming Shirt
When we bought a new knit sweater, it will irritate the skin, follow the 9 easy ways below then you can easily fix the itchy sweater. Why Does The Cardigan Will Irritate The Skin? There are two reasons why a cardigan is irritating to the skin. First, because the animal hair...
Method 6
How to remove the bad odor from leather bags? Newly bought bags always have a taste of leather processing, which is an unpleasant odor and bad for the health. So, what little tricks can remove the odor on the newly bought bag? Here are eight small tricks to easily...

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