Not only men have the problem of smelly feet, but even women are also bothered by it. Many people will confuse Hong Kong foot with smelly feet. In fact, there are differences between these two symptoms. But sometimes smelly feet will turn Hong Kong foot in the long run, and smelly feet is also a symptom of Hong Kong foot.

Smelly Feet

Hong Kong foot is a skin disease which caused by fungal infection. It mainly includes: sole of foot with vesicle (vesicle Hong Kong foot), yellowish-white thick toenail (Onychomycosis Hong Kong foot), decrustation and slight fester of the toenail(toenail Hong Kong foot) and hard keratin of heel or other parts(cornification Hong Kong foot). Smelly feet originally caused by sweating a lot. There are so many sweat glands in people’s soles of feet so that feet sweat easily. Sweat contains water, salt, lactic acid, and urea, with mass propagation of bacteria, giving off an unpleasant smell-foot odor. There are 4 causes of smelly feet.

Smelly Feet1

  1. Put on shoes directly without wearing socks. If you don’t wear socks sweat and dirt will remain in shoes easily, leading breeding of bacteria.
  2. Wear the same shoe every day. For the same pairs of shoes, the sweat hasn’t dried completely the day before, the remaining moisture will lead bacterial.
  3. Not take off the shoes all day. Your feet have stayed in a place where ventilation is bad, which will cause smelly feet easily.
  4. Dirt between toenails hasn’t cleaned.

Then how to solve the problem of smelly feet? Today I will share you with 4 tips which help you get rid of the smelly feet. You will completely get rid of this awkward.

Put On Sweat-Absorbent Cotton Socks

Put On Sweat-Absorbent Cotton Socks

Feet perspire easily when being wrapped in shoes. So socks must be worn to absorb sweat, urea, salt and lactic acid which can breed bacteria. Besides, socks must be in good sweat absorption.

Don’t Put On The Same Shoe Everyday

Don't Put On The Same Shoe Everyday

If you wear the same pair of shoe every day, sweat in shoes won’t dry on time and bacterial will breed. Therefore, more pairs of shoes should be prepared for wearing in turn. Shoes that you wore the day before should be taken out under the sun so that to eliminate the bacteria.

Take Out Your Feet To Breathe The Fresh Air

Take Out Your Feet To Breathe The Fresh Air

Take out your feet if condition permits. By this way, your feet can get away from the circumstance of poor ventilation and won’t give off the stink.

Carefully Clean Your Feet

Carefully Clean Your Feet

As for the cleaning of both feet, many people will neglect procedures of cleaning which can greatly restrain the problem of smelly feet. Warm water should be used to wash both feet every night, especially the careful cleaning of places between toenails and toenails which breed bacterial easily. A soft brush or antibacterial soap can be added for cleaning when necessary.

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