Every girl wants beautiful, this is a need perseverance of things. How to be more beautiful? Here are some tips, you only need to spend 10 minutes a day can get the effect you want.

How to be more beautiful - standing by the wall

1. Gently scrape the eyes orbital to eliminate eye bags.

2. After the meal, the body stands against the wall for half an hour, which can avoid the hips becoming large and the legs thicker.

3. Gently pinching the bridge of the nose and nose when you are applying skin care will make you have a straight nose.

exercise and fitness

4. Gently tapping on the Gallbladder Meridian of Foot-Shaoyang outside the thigh will make the thighs slim.

5. Stick to sunscreen products, whether indoors or on cloudy days, because UV rays are everywhere.

6. Timed exercise and fitness, not only to maintain a good body but also to stay healthy.

Eat a tomato every day

7. Do more stretching exercises and massages to help shape the perfect body.

8. Eat a tomato every day, whitening and healthy.

9. Keep it at a constant rate while eating, and chewing slowly is good for digestion.


Do not eat unhealthy food

10. Do not eat unhealthy food.

11. Persist in drinking a lot of water, which is good for detoxification. Avoid drinking cold drinks often.

12. Adhere to reading will enhance your temperament.

keep the smile women

13. Develop the habit of keeping a diary. Record your life, and leave a good memory.

14. Don’t cross your legs when you are sitting. Don’t humpbacked.

15. Stay confident, keep the smile, have a good mood.

Remember and adhere to follow these tips every day, you will be more beautiful.

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