We often see girls wearing hats on TV dramas, they look cute. This makes you think that it is her hat, no one is more suitable than her. But often we use the same clothes and hats to match, but the effect is not very good. Let’s see how these heroines match these hats, whether they are the baseball cap, gentleman hats or straw hats.

Sports Girl – Baseball Cap

Baseball Hats

The baseball cap goes well with everything. Just wear a denim jacket, white shoes, and a baseball cap. Immediately with a sense full of casual and sunshine. If you want to further enhance the style, you can put a T-shirt or plaid shirt inside to enrich the sense of hierarchy.

Lively Girl – Beret Cap Or Peaked Cap

Beret Cap Or Peaked Cap

The Korean actress has recently fallen in love with this kind of cap, whether cock her hat, or wear the baseball cap backward, a variety of wearing methods can be combined with a variety of hairstyles, and there are many materials to choose from. Because the beret does not have a brim, it is not suitable for girls with round faces. When you wear it, you can try different ways of dressing and use bangs or long hair to create different looks.

Handsome Girl – Bowler Hat

Bowler Hats

Can you remember the role of Gianna Jun in “My Love from the Star”? Fur coat and leggings match with a bowler hat are very handsome. But this hat is not for everyone. People with longer faces should choose carefully because the gentleman’s hats are higher, it will make your face look longer. Girls with a high forehead can try this hat more, which helps to adjust the proportion of the face. In addition, the hat has a good effect on the modified face.

Cute Girl – Knit Beanie

Knit Beanie

The knit beanie has a typical warmth function, and there are many different weaving methods in the shape. The hairball on the top of the cap and the decoration on all sides also have a variety of lovely changes. If you want to be different, you can show little bangs and tie the hair up in front, which is a way to enhance the sense of romance.

Sunshine Girl – Straw Cap

Straw Cap

A girl who loves the picnic and likes to enjoy the sun and nature must have a straw hat. First, the straw hat has the feeling of nature, and the second is that it can both shade and decorate. Pick a large brim straw hat, the bigger the more stylish!


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