Find a suitable color of your own skin or your age, No more than three colors on your outfits, and refuse contrasting colors. We usually prefer black, white, gray, coffee, beige coats, with sapphire blue, beige, white, red sweater, gray, black, brown skirt, and some beautiful pendants, with a variety of bags, according to the color of the coat and then take a scarf, in short, try to look comfortable in the mirror, if you feel awkward, then quickly change it!

match colors clothes

With a distant look, the dressing is what the color you chose as we stand in the crowd, we’ll describe what color we wear if we want to be found. It can be seen that color plays a very important role in clothing matching. I think there are some secrets in color matching. The secret in the beauty is kept in balance, such as contrasting blue with black, red with white. Most people are not good at these. Why not make adjustments in the area of color. you can show your beauty and personality.

First, Complementary Color Matching

Complementary Color Matching

Complementary colors are the contrasting colors we commonly call in daily life. Contrast colors appear in the matching of clothing, showing individuality and fashion style. However, it is generally not used in a large area. Usually, lowered the saturation of the color and the novice should be used with caution. A large area of contrast color feels not well. The white trousers and the red blouse are used for contrasting colors, and the area is used carefully. The area of the red shirt is a huge embellishment, the red with a bit brownish red, matching with the coat is harmonious, elegant.

Second, Cold And Warm Color Matching

Cold And Warm Color Matching

Cool color, blue is representative. The dark blue is calm and generous, and the light blue is clean and fresh. which is suitable for summer, and it feels cool when you look at it. Warm colors, red, pink, orange, and yellow are all colors in the warm color system. These colors look full of enthusiasm, yellow like sunshine, pink is sweet Dressing with warm colors is more suitable for winter wear to bring warmth.

Third, Dark And Light Color Matching

Dark And Light Color Matching

It can be a combination of the same color or a combination of different colors. For example, a deep purple skirt with a light purple cardigan. Light gray coat with pink-grey skirt, slightly different shades. The change is small and has an overall effect. Color shades can be worn in a variety of shapes, it is easy to use. Light gray and dark blue are different colors, and the different layers of depth and shade highlight the taste and high quality.

Fourth, Multi-Color and Solid Matching

Multi-Color and Solid Matching

solid color refers to black, white and gray, these three colors are simple and generous. Black with a blue skirt, or a beautiful yellow coat with black pants. Effectively reduce the visual impact of bright colors. It looks chic and beautiful.

Fifth, Floral and Solid Color

Floral and Solid Color

This kind of collocation can be seen everywhere in life, floral skirts, floral shirts, printed dresses are especially ladies. The whole looking is full of flowers, which is easy to cause dazzling feelings. However, a solid color top with a floral dress will bring out the feminine temperament. Small floral dresses with small suits can also bring some joy to the serious workplace. Wears floral dresses in Spring is the most beautiful trending, also need a solid color cardigan on the outside to keep warm.

Color Of Clothing

There are skills to matching colors. The flower is matched with a solid color, small flowers, dots, stripes, and plaid. For the novice, the solid color the best choice, the dark color is coincident with the light color, and the contrast is the stronger the better . Choose the same color, the change of the same color shows a sense of quality. Multi-color is right for solid. Don’t know how to match in color? choose the black white and gray! The colors are divided with warm and cold, cool and fresh is cold color, passionate is a warm color. The contrast color is also complimentary, like the flower with the leaf. Contrast color matching is a little difficult. Not recommend to novices. we hope you can master the skills in colors and Present a better dressing tasting.

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