Although we can wear a lot of beautiful clothes in winter, the most helpless is the variety of warm fabrics, We even don’t know how to take care of them. Today, we will list a few maintenance skills to take care of cashmere after winter.

Take Care Of Cashmere

The most expensive fabric in winter is cashmere. If maintained properly, it will remain warm for a long time.

How To Washing And Drying The Cashmere


Many cashmere washing labels on the market are recommended for dry cleaning. But in fact, the washing expert suggested that Every cashmere garment is cleaned 2-3 times a year. The rest of the time to hand-wash. Cashmere coats are washed 1-2 times a quarter is the best

How To Hand-Wash Cashmere

Remember the five keywords “Warm, Rub, Squeeze, Suck, Unfold“.

soaked the cashmere in detergent

“Warm” means soaking cashmere clothing with warm water at 30-35 °C. Then add neutral detergent or soaked in professional cashmere detergent for 5-10 minutes.

Rub the cashmere“Rub” means during the care process, remember don’t to wash it hard. To press back and forth by hand, including in the cleaning process, Also it can’t be screwed by hand. Sit back to rub and forth until the foam is clean.

Squeeze & Suck“Squeeze & Suck” is to dry the cashmere sweater after cleaning. Layed with a soft dry towel. Then squeeze by hand to squeeze out the water. Then roll up the towel and cashmere sweater like a sushi roll. So that the towel can absorb the water.

Unfold“Unfold” means placed the cashmere in a ventilated place after the water was squeezed. But don’t expose to the sun.

How To Ironing The Cashmere

How To Ironing The Cashmere

Cashmere sweaters have strong anti-wrinkle properties. Generally, ironing is not needed. If it has wrinkles, you can use a steam iron. Keep the temperature around 130-150 °C and the distance should be 1-2cm while Ironing.

How To Store The Cashmere

How To Store The Cashmere

The wardrobe must be kept dry. Pay attention to insects, it is better to fold it up then hang it up.

How To Remove Cashmere Pills

How To Remove Cashmere Pills

Where the friction is excessive, it is easy to pilling. Firstly, the inner lining should be as smooth as possible to avoid excessive friction and pilling. If the hairball is relatively large, It can be cut directly with scissors. If the pilling is serious, it can be removed with a professional mesh hood. Remember not to use a brush, a comb.


  • Cashmere sweaters can’t be worn for a long time. Wear it intermittently, so that cashmere fiber can restore elasticity.
  • Cashmere sweaters or all kinds of wool clothing Be sure to do moisture and pest control measures. Always ventilate the wardrobe, a dehumidifier, insecticides are necessary.

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