Skirt gives you the full joy of matching. You will stand out from others if your skirt is properly matched with different kinds of tops. So, how to wear a skirt for different shapes.

how to wear a skirt

What kind of skirt matches your shape? As people wear less and less nowadays, they are not afraid of obesity which affects their images, but they become more and more worried that less clothing will expose their shape defect. Above the knee, the skirt could supply a gap of 80% shape defect.

So, how to wear a skirt for your shape?

▼ Apple shape: Short skirt

apple shapeAs you see apple shape girl is slender in the lower part of the body, but their proud flesh gathers in the upper part of the body especially in belly. It must be a slim fit skirt that could highlight your slim legs as well as contracting your waist and abdomen.
As for apple shape – the upper part of the body is fat while the lower part is slim, oversized tops can cover up your proud flesh, which matches slim skirts well.

Short skirt
Short skirt

Besides, when you wear a sweater and skirt, you can purposely pull the sweater hem to make some ruffles so that your proud flesh of apple shape in the belly can be covered up efficiently.

▼Pear shape: Below knee umbrella skirt

Just like pear, the typical characteristic of pear shape is that hip is wider than the shoulder.
Wide hip and fat thigh is the main defect. Umbrella skirt is a good choice because it can cover up the proud flesh of hip and thigh.
It is no exaggeration to say that umbrella skirt is like a life-saving straw for people who has wide hip and fat thigh. It’s great to show it up if you have slim shank without proud flesh. Heels must be a good match to express your figure.

below knee umbrella skirt
below knee umbrella skirt

If you have wide hip, fat thigh, and defective shank, then take long umbrella skirt and only expose your superfine part of shank above the ankle.

▼Hourglass shape: High waist skirt

Hourglass shapeAlthough hourglass shape is not a slim type, it has full breast, slim waist and raised buttocks, It advantage over other defective shapes. And the disadvantage is wide hip brings about fatness in the bottom of the thigh, You need a high waist skirt which covers up your legs and shows your wide hip.

high waist skirt
high waist skirt

The slim fit skirt can also highlight your charming raised buttocks of an hourglass shape. Matched with high heels, straight body line can be seen in front and exquisite body curve can be seen in the flank. Both are wonderful.

▼Slender shape: Umbrella skirts

Slender shapeThe slender shape looks like iPad in the front, side or back and has no curved line. Compared with slim shape, the most important thing is to eliminate the squareness of the shape and express womanliness. The primary task is to choose an umbrella skirt to add curved line beauty to your shape.

Umbrella skirts
Umbrella skirts

This high waist skirt scatters from above to the bottom, which makes slender shape kooks more curvaceous. So it’s very easy to change your shape actually. Basically, girls in slender shape are slim so that oversize tops and umbrella skirts are suitable for them.

▼O-shape legs: Slim fit midi skirt

The o-shape legs can’t close together and will make the shape looks wider crosswise when being separated. Then the below knee midi skirt is a wise choice. On the one hand, the slim fit skirt naturally reduces the gap between the two legs and will perfect o-shape legs in the long run. On the other hand, people can not see your O-shape legs.
No one will notice your o-shape legs, for the below knee skirt, makes the above part of the shank invisible to people. The skirt continually gives an outside force to make your legs close together. You can wear it as well as perfecting your body shape. It’s really a way of killing two birds with one stone.

slim fit midi skirt
slim fit midi skirt

If you are bothered with o-shape legs and have fat legs meanwhile, then the long slim skirt can solve all the two problems totally. So why don’t you put on this skirt?

▼X-shape legs: Below knee skirt

For X-shape legs, the knees can close together but ankles can’t while standing, which is opposite to o-shape legs, This will greatly affect beauty. Similarly below knee skirt can easily hidden defect.

Below knee skirt
Below knee skirt

The flowing skirt makes you look graceful and slim, and its hemline is big enough to cover your feet. If you have X-shape legs and are not tall enough, do not forget to wear high heels when you are dressed in below knee skirt.

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