The fashionable and graceful trench coats make many people fall in love, but they make many people who are not in good shape discouraged. Why do we have to worry too much about this if we can solve it with delicate methods? Then let’s learn how to wear a trench coat for all body types.

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In normal life, most of us don’t have the same excellent figure as a model, so it is necessary to have more “ingenious method” in choosing clothes.

Choose The Right Style For Your Body Shape

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Perhaps, there will be different styles of clothing because of the different shapes of the body, so that each of us could look unique and full of independent personality. Different bodies are definitely not applied to the same standard. For different shortcomings, we need to find a way to break through them one by one.

Wide Shoulders And Sloping Shoulders

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Wide-shouldered girls tend to a sense of masculine masculinity, but lack of femininity that women should have, also the accompanying neck and body fat will appear one after another. So when choosing a coat, weakening the hard lines of the shoulders have become a top priority. Although this style of exaggerated shoulder line is the current pioneering trend, it is a fashion disaster on the wide shoulders. The combination of the belts are more easy to complements the shoulder lines and shifts the line of sight.

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The situation of sloping shoulders is just the opposite. It will cause a big sense of narrow shoulders. If you wear a coat with a falling shoulder, it will appear that the whole center of gravity falls down and the body is disproportionate. Coupled with the small size, the choice of large lapel style will be more embarrassing. Not only greatly reduce the height of the visual sense, but also it seems that drag and drop are not neat. In general, this situation will be much better if you choose a delicate small collar and a coat with a distinct shoulder line.

Large Skeleton

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In addition to the slight shortcomings of the shoulder lines, some people are born with large skeletons, seemingly plump, and lacking graceful shapes. In this case, we need to use “cover” to achieve good visual effects. Some people think that wearing a large-sized dress will make sense. In fact, this popular oversized cocoon version is still a patent for the thin people, and the full person must avoid it. Choosing the right H-type coat is the right thing to do.

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For people with small breasts, it seems to be a lot easier. If the hips are full, you can choose the A-shaped coat, use the slim waist to attract the line of sight, and the loose clothes can also cover the inadequacies. It’s a wise move to remember to avoid short coats and reveal the most bloated parts of the body. If the legs are full, the knee-length coat is very suitable, revealing the slender calf, leaving a slim and beautiful impression.

Clothes Matching Skills

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In addition to the cover of the foundation and the diversion of the line of sight, we can use more superior wearing skills to make the whole body more attractive, In all the wearing skills, the length is the most important.

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For girls who don’t have the advantage of height, the neat leather skirt and the cool high-heeled boots are the best choices for the popular short-selling. In addition, the coat is opened to show the freedom of the vision, and the delicate inner and texture of the scarf are the details that can draw attention. There is also a wearing method, which only buckles the button along the sill to create a high-pitched hem effect, which is more unique and refined.

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In addition to the design sense and texture, the most important element is the color. The color you choose can directly affect the effect of dressing. When wearing a coat, choosing the same color is the easiest and most effective way to wear acceptable. The consistent performance in the color tone creates a sense of simple and elegant. Using a darker single item as a set to create a sense of continuity, looks to be harmonious and unifying. If you are really not sensitive to color, choose black.

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With these do you think that the shape of the body is not a necessary condition for fashion? Wisdom is the ultimate expression of fashion, not just the wearing of a coat. In life, we also need to know ourselves. Trust yourself and live the most suitable way of your everyday life.

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