Wearing pantyhose is really a science. Why do you say that? First of all, the pantyhose are close to the body because of the material so the lines of the legs will be highlighted. It seems that the black pantyhose seem to be unremarkable, but in fact, it is not suitable for girls with thick calves, because it will frame the entire shape of the calf, not only the effect of no modification but also show your shortcomings. Today let’s talk some about pantyhose except black.

Knitted Pantyhose

Knitted Pantyhose

Knitted pantyhose is very warm and practical, but knitting will inevitably lead to thick legs, try to choose long skirts and coats to cleverly avoid this shortcoming.


Colorblock Pantyhoses

The color block style is suitable for matching dark-colored clothing, which is not as fancy as the printed style but also can embellish your mix.


Lace Pantyhoses

The favorite of girls is the lace style! Black lace gives a feeling of tacky, and light lace is the opposite, it gives a more pure feeling.


Logo Pantyhoses

The hottest element of the year is the logo. Even if it is made into pantyhose, it is also very personal. So, not only a Slogan on bags and clothes can show your attitude, but also in it.

Animal Print

Animal Print Pantyhoses

Girls who like wild sex and don’t want black pantyhose can boldly try animal prints, which are easier to match than jackets and trousers.

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