Many people think that wearing all black is looking more slimmer, in fact, it is not the case. If you are wondering how to look slimmer, read up on the slimming wardrobe tricks below.

Prints And Patterns

  • Prints And Patterns look slimmer
  • Prints And Patterns2
  • Prints And Patterns3
  • Prints And Patterns4
  • Prints And Patterns5

No matter how fat you are, printing is the most effective element on visual slimmer, especially for the printed dress. Densely arranged patterns can visually disturb the judgment for the figure. Don’t choose a style that is too loose and the petite lady should choose the small pattern.

X-Type Dress

  • X-Type Dress1
  • X-Type Dress2
  • X-Type Dress3
  • X-Type Dress4

The X-shaped dress not only makes the waist look slim but also full of feminine charm. Even if the lower abdomen is slightly inflated after eating, it can create a “slim waist” effect by making the upper body and the lower body wider than the waist.

Stitching Jeans

  • Stitching Jeans1
  • Stitching Jeans2
  • Stitching Jeans3
  • Stitching Jeans4

This year’s popular stitching style jeans, if the leg type is relatively straight, you can try it with confidence, The color outside of the pants is darker than the inside will make your legs look slimmer.

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