Will You Wash New Clothes Before Wearing

Will You Wash New Clothes Before Wearing?

A recent survey of the 11,266 people showed that only 22.8% will do this. Nearly 61% said they would wash the underclothes, and 8.24% said they would not wash anything. Let’s know if the new clothes should be washed?

the new clothes should be washed

In response to this phenomenon, experts said that new clothes cannot be dressed immediately, they should be cleaned with a small amount of detergent. Many people have come to this kind of health awareness. However, other new clothes should also be cleaned as much as possible. Because the clothes are inevitably stained with dust or other substances during the production and sale. For maintain a good health condition, it is necessary to keep cleaning in time.

Survey results

The survey found that 15% of people thought that new clothes are not dirty. Nearly 40% of them are afraid that new clothes will be discolored or shrunk, and 21% said they are dislike to trouble themselves. Experts said that these may be reasons for inertia and health blind spots. New clothes should be washed and before wore, which is a healthy and hygienic habit.

formaldehyde in clothes

Why should we wash new clothes, 61% of people thought that the new clothes may not clean. Nearly a quarter of people thought that some clothes may contain formaldehyde. Cleaning can reduce the concentration. Only 7% of them are out of habit. Experts said that formaldehyde is a volatile substance with good water solubility. Cleaning can remove most of the formaldehyde remaining in clothes and reduce its harm to the body.

formaldehyde in clothing skin allergies

The investigation found that 10% of people had slight skin allergies. Experts said though it’s unusual to see this we still should draw attention to the cases of skin allergies caused by wearing new clothes. Especially in the summer, some people may be allergic to stains, after sweating, the stain will cause discomfort touched the skin. Therefore, the new clothes should be cleaned before wearing.

Should We Wash New Clothes Before Wearing?

It must be without any doubt. Here attached two reasons.

1, The New Clothes Are Dirty

the new clothes are Dirty

Although they are new, actually they are not as clean as your old clothes.

In the first aspect, a piece of clothing starts from the production, and its fabrics and parts are basically piled on the ground. During this period, even if no mouse climbs, the dust on the ground is disgusted.

The second aspect, in the process of production, a new clothes will be passed through many people, such as sewing, ironing and loose threads. On the other hand, before you buy it, there must be several people touch or try on them, and these may be attached dangerous bacteria .

2, New Clothes Smell Awful

formaldehyde in clothes

All clothes could not avoid dealing with disinfectants, insecticides, and dyes, and these chemicals can cause skin irritation. In addition, the new clothes also contain some pungent, harmful substances such as formaldehyde and NPE.

Formaldehyde may cause respiratory diseases, while NPE (nonylphenol ethoxylate) may have adverse effects on male reproductive function.

How To Eliminate These “Hazards”?

When you buy new clothes, don’t wear them immediately. Even if you don’t have mysophobia, you should pay attention to your health.

As for the way to clean up new clothes, it is recommended to bring new clothes home, rinse with water & laundry soap, and sprinkle some salt may be bactericidal, disinfecting and anti-fading.

Baby’s clothes should be washed several times to ensure remove harmful substances at maximum rate.

For a large piece of clothes such as down coat and cotton jacket, if it is inconvenient to wash, you can replace by drying for a few days to remove the formaldehyde.



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